• Turnkey Earth Stations
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Integration, Test, and Training
  • Project Management and Consulting
  • FCC Licensing and RFI Analysis
  • Site Surveys and System Upgrades
  • Antenna Verification and SSOG's
  • Equipment Sales, New and Recycled
  • Maintenance and Operation of Fixed, Transportable, and Fly-Away Earth Stations
  • Qualified and Experienced Engineers and Technicians for Hire
  • Teleport Services for Full Time, Temporary, and Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Domestic and International
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  • End to End Solutions
  • Satellite Equipment Purchased
  • RF and Waveguide Products
  • Earth Station Relocation and Removal
  • Liquidation of Equipment and Facilities
  • Space Segment, Transponder Sales, and Encryption Services
  • Military, Industrial, Commercial, Government, and TT&C
  • Internet, VoIP, Frame Relay, ATM, Digital Video, Analog Video, Voice, Telephony, SCPC, MCPC, Data, MPEG, DBS, DVB, SNG, and ENG
  • Intelsat, Eutelsat, PanAmSat, New Skies, Chinasat, Arabsat, Palapa, DSCS, Milstar, US Domsat, All Satellite Systems and Frequency Bands
  • V-Sat through 18 meter Apertures

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